Janis Rosenberg

Director and Vice President

Janis Rosenberg has been a life long advocate for unwanted animals in Yolo County. Rescuing several dogs her self as well as encouraging others to adopt from local shelters. She’s involved with doing extensive research on current sheltering practices to better understand the needs in her own community as it relates to sheltering including visits to shelters with outstanding practices and outcomes. Actively involved with rescue groups, Yolo County Pet Animal Welfare Society, and attending meetings with the stakeholders from the cities of Yolo County during the JPA process and Yolo Country shelter evaluations.

Janis is deeply invested in positive outcomes and state of the art sheltering services as she was born and raised in Davis and has been a business owner in Yolo Co. She is dedicated to the well-being of all animals owned and sheltered and believes that they should live without cruelty, neglect and in stable, healthy environments. She clearly states her mission to end the suffering for unwanted animals while they wait for forever homes. Shelter animals be treated with diligent care and housed in a comfortable manner that is clean and as stress free as possible. That every animal be treated with respect and has a chance to be matched with home who has support to see them through from adoption to old age. The public be offered services to end overpopulation with affordable or free spay neuter and low cost vaccine clinics. Feral cats are dealt with. Behavioral support is offered to the community with difficult breeds and behavioral cases that may end the dumping of animals on the streets or in shelters by providing education to the owners.

Janis started her nonprofit out of the love for animals and her strong beliefs that we as a community can do better in providing a safe, healthy space for animals to recover from being displaced. That we as a community can better support its animal owners with the services they need to be the very best pet owner they can be. We can reduce overpopulation and the senseless killing of healthy pets in Yolo County. The solutions are there and together we can do it!

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