Julielani Chang

Board Member

With an educational background in biology and genetics, science is a big part of Julielani’s life but working with dogs has a bigger presence. In 2014, she was on the board of directors of a rescue in Nevada and was driven to learn and understand more about the inner work of sheltering dogs. She became astutely aware of the many obstacles faced by many shelters such as overpopulation of abandoned pets, affordable vet/pet care and behavior rehabilitation. She believes the shelters culture is changing for the better finding new ways to solve these chronic problems. She is a volunteer at SFSPCA and at Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah. She is a member of Pet Professional Guild and is pursuing a certificated program with the Academy of Dog Trainers. She is interested in behavior modification, stress reduction for shelter dogs and integrating evidence and science based best practices to sheltering and dog training. She supports education of the public to help strengthen the human-animal bond.

Sheltering Education

  • Board member @ Canine Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary, Nevada 2014-1015
  • Clicker Expo Karen Pryor – Animal Behavior Jan. 2016
  • SFSPCA Symposia on sheltering 2016, 2017, and 2018
  • Volunteer at SFSPCA 2016 – current
  • The Shelter Summer Institute in Helena, Montana. The Art and Science to Shelter Dog Welfare Aug. 2017
  • Pet Professional Guild behavior and training workshop @ Best Friends – Shelter pet Management & Rehabilitation for Adoption and Successful Family Integration April 2018
  • The Emotional World of Dogs: New Insights into Behavior and Training by Dr. Daniel Mills presented by The Academy for Dog Trainers. July 2018

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