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It is Cool to be Kind

A humane education reading program sponsored by UTP & supported by Red Rover Readers.

Pets and animals can teach children kindness and compassion.

Reading stories about animals help children explore positive relationships between people and animals. Red Rover Readers curriculum is designed for children between the age of 8-11.

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Register for your Red Rover Reading Session

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Zoom Reading Session

  • How long: 60 min. (45 min. reading, 15 min. hands-on activities)
  • Where: at your home
  • Who: 5 participants and a Red Rover Reader

What you need

  • A stable WIFI signal
  • Computer, tablet or phone
  • Zoom account
  • Parent permission to Zoom
Buddy Unchained

Interested in having your child sign up for “It is Cool to be Kind” virtual Zoom reading & discussion about animals? Sign up below to get involved!

Unleashing the Possibilities Inc. is piloting a unique, interactive, virtual reading experience using Zoom in collaboration with Red Rover. RedRover staff will read one of our animal-themed, illustrated stories ( and engage kids in discussion about animal body language, animal/human emotions, and friendship between people and animals. There may be an additional, optional extension activity afterwards, reinforcing concepts from the story.

When we have 5 requests for a particular date and time, UTP will contact Red Rover to set up the virtual reading experience. Once we have a date/time, we will email you the info.

A Brief Survey

To be sure we are changing minds and hearts, we put together an easy kids oriented survey with Y and N answers. The pre-survey can be filled out before the first reading event and the post-survey for after the last reading. The pre-survey will be sent out through email along with a Zoom invitation before you start the first reading and you will receive the post survey after your last reading along with the certificate of completion. We encourage the participants to complete the surveys with their parents. Also don’t forget to visit the Hero’s Corner and share your “hero” story on our website. We love to hear your tale of kindness and thank you for making this a successful humane project.

Sign-up Here

By signing up here, you will receive emails on how to join the reading via Zoom. You may opt out at any time.

Please contact Julielani Chang at if you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns.

Cool to be Kind
Program designed for children ages 8-11

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