UCD Koret Shelter Medicine Program’s director, Dr. Kate Hurley, spoke with YCAS volunteers about animal sheltering and the distressing need to euthanize animals when they’d been at the shelter too long.


Small group of animal welfare advocates including Lori Lubin, Lori Maloney, Melinda Waring, Janis Rosenberg, Amy McGuire, Janet Krovoza, Cindy Hanks, Mona DeMasi, Meredith Stepita, Leslie Bauer and Evelyn Dale begin efforts to improve YCAS. Meetings with Kemble Pope of KKP Consulting, Yolo CAO Patrick Blacklock.

Yolo County Pet Animal Welfare Society (YCPAWS) formed to improve Yolo County animal services and its shelter. Website created. YC Board of Supervisor Helen Thompson helps group move forward with plans to improve YCAS. Request is made for Koret Shelter Medicine Program to review YCAS.

June 2010: Koret Shelter Medicine Program Review of YCAS

Dec 14, 2010: YC Board of Supervisor Helen Thomson helps YCPAWS put together a Draft “Action Plan” Subject: Yolo County Animal Welfare and Shelter update. PDF file “BOS Action Plan.” YC Supervisors Helen Thompson and Jim Provenza support the plan. Other supervisors are cautious–Woodland and esp. West Sacramento.

“In the past several years, the Board of Supervisors has recognized the need to replace the aging and inadequate Yolo County Animal Shelter. We have had the replacement of the building on our facilities plan, but unfunded. We have attempted to engage the cities 2×2 discussions about contributing to the financing of a replacement facility.

About six months ago I was contacted by a group of animal welfare advocates voicing their concerns about the overall county animal welfare program, not just about conditions at the shelter. With the assistance of Kemble Pope, a group of advocates was convened who began to discuss together their concerns about animal services and the animal shelter. This was a county-wide and community-based group whose objective is to provide assistance to all citizens and governments in Yolo County to identify, create and support progressive and efficient services for all pet animals. They founded a group named Yolo County Pet Animal Welfare Society (YC PAWS).” PDF file: BOS Action Plan


YCPAWS works with Supervisor Don Saylor’s Aid Diane Parro.

Oct 2011: YCAS provides a response to Koret Shelter Medicine Program Review. File: Yolo County Recommendations from UC Davis Shelter Medicine Program.doc


April 2012, Yolo County’s Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) hires consultants to complete a study of Yolo County Animal Services (YCAS) on behalf of the County and the four cities that contract with the County for animal services. This study is a review of YCAS services with the aim of determining if alternative governance models will be more cost effective.

The Yolo Country Animal Services Study, consultants Tammie Murrell and Sue Marks-Gibbs was presented on August 2012. PDF file @ https://www.yololafco.org/files/910bd2758/YoloCountyAnimalServicesSt.pdf


LAFCo begins work on Diane Parro’s plans to meet with Pat Blacklock. She will also check with Christine Crawford to see where LAFCo is with Dr. Hurley’s work on implementing the YCAS Animal Protection League (APL) Study.

LAFCo urges privatization of YCAS to improve animal welfare and services.


June 30, 2014 Yolo LAFCo Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide animal sheltering and/or animal control services countywide in Yolo County, California. Christine Crawford Executive Officer. Request for Proposals to Provided Animal Sheltering and/or Control services,.

“The Local Agency Formation Commission of Yolo County (LAFCo) on behalf of the cities of Davis, West Sacramento, Winters, Woodland and the County of Yolo is seeking animal welfare organizations (public, private or non-profit) interested in providing animal sheltering services and/or countywide animal control services based out of the existing shelter located in Woodland, California.

“LAFCo is requesting Cost Proposals on behalf of the cities and unincorporated areas within Yolo County for the provision of: (1) Animal sheltering and adoption services; and/or (2) Field officer services countywide.

“Please consider submitting a proposal for one or both of these services. Proposals are due Monday, August 25, 2014.” PDF file: Yolo LAFCo Animal Services RFP 06.30.14

NO satisfactory proposals are submitted. YCAS remains in the Sheriff’s department.


June 2015 Grand Jury Investigation of YCAS concluded
Summary: Yolo County Grand Jury completed an investigation of Yolo County Animal Services, and found that the services offered to the county are hampered by high costs and conflicting expectations. A blatant case of nepotism in Animal Services has been rectified as a result of this investigation. However, there have been no consequences to the supervisor in a nepotistic relationship. PDF File: Yolo County Animal Services If it Walks Crawls Flies or Slithers 2014-15. PDF file: Yolo County Animal Services If it Walks Crawls Flies or Slithers 2014-2015 YCGJ


Janis Rosenberg proposes the formation of a “Dream Team” to raise money for the new Animal Shelter Facility. Nov. 5, 2016 Janis announces Unleashing the Possibilities, Inc is formed to get a new Yolo County animal services facility.

The Yolo County Animal Shelter Exploratory Committee met on June 1st with the consulting team from Indigo Architecture of Davis and the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program to begin exploring possible options for replacement of the Yolo County Animal Shelter.


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